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ZEMbassador Michelle


We are excited to introduce you to our ZEMbassador Michelle Otero. Michelle is a true believer in a healthy balance between mind, body and soul. As a licensed mental health therapist and psychology professor, she encourages her clients, friends, and family to try and work on having all three dimensions equally balanced

She has a very diverse athletic background. Most recently, she has been actively involved in competitive figure, competitive dragon boating and paddle boarding. She is competing in the IFBB North American to win her Pro Card in figure. It takes true dedication and constant striving to achieve her athletic physique and abilities. ZEMgear’s main ethic is to encourage all of you to find your Zone of Endless Motion and we believe that this is what Michelle has been able to achieve. We hope she inspires you and enables you to feel empowered to achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Michelle travels and works out in her ZEMs and we’ll be following her throughout her various athletic endeavors.

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