Bren Tompkins completes Cremator 50 mile race in ZEM 2Cinch!


Bren has done it again! Bren Tompkins completed the Cremator 50 mile endurance race in his ZEM 2Cinch! On July 20th he completed the Cremator 50 mile endurance race in 11 hours 5 minutes and 52 seconds in a pair of ZEM 2Cinch! The entire race took place on pavement in 101 degree heat index weather and he had no problem from the shoe to pavement.


We congratulate Bren on finishing 22nd out of 50 people!


Bren is a 32 year old union pipe insulator with full custody of both of his kids. In 2010 he quit smoking after 13 years of smoking two packs a day. He was not very active in his life and his back went out with 2 ruptured discs in October of that year. Doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to run or climb anymore after it healed. In Spring 2011 he decided to prove him wrong and began running regularly. After finishing several 5k races, he began training to run a marathon.



From all the training/races he suffered several minor injuries that were recurring; like black toe nails, runners knee, etc. No matter the shoes or sizes he wore he kept getting these injuries. “One day I remembered a game called Mirrors Edge and I remember the shoes the character in the game had. I did a Google search and found ZEM. I ordered my first pair of O2 and was hooked, so I ordered Terra & 360 shortly after. As of today my O2 have been over 250 miles, my 360s have ran approximately 404.76 miles, my Terra which I wear daily, I’ve completed: 3 half-marathons, 15k bridge run, and a 50k ultra marathon in so far.”-Bren


Bren is not the only one in his family in love with ZEMgear. His children Trustin, 12, and Faith, 9, own a pair of originals and Terra. They both wore holes in their first pair of ZEM originals and begged for a pair of Terra. Trustin is an avid gamer, loves soccer, bicycling, and is starting to run. Faith loves to be outdoors on her bike, skateboard, or just running around.


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