Living a ZEMtastic Life One Day at a Time!


We have been advocating endless motion and this recent article from The Washington Post, Runners are not giving themselves arthritis, proves that movement is good for you at any age or stage in your life. ZEM stands for the ZONE of ENDLESS MOTION and defines a space where we can discover new possibilities for ourselves. A zone where new beginnings are possible and restrictions are left behind. ZEMgear goes far beyond a normal shoe, but rather a shoe that makes you want to live a healthier lifestyle.


Our shoes are made to move with you. The article tackles the many myths people believe; for instance, that running can cause arthritis when in reality “running probably offers protection from osteoarthritis.” We always encourage our ZEM community to be active and reach out of their comfort zone and jump into their Zone of Endless Motion! The article explains how important it is to be active in a safe manner, “If you try to go from the couch to a marathon without putting in the necessary training, you’re liable to get hurt.” Read more at

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