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Meet our ZEMbassadors

Pauline Nordon – Fighter Diet
I’ve always had a problem with my feet. They are unstable. Well, so I thought anyway. I spent years looking for the perfect pair of sneaker with excellent support, I had those custom made insoles etc, but nothing helped my tracking. You see, one of my hips kept on popping out even though I did all kinds of preventive exercise. It turned out it was due to my feet having no good support, but they were not asking for cushioned shoes, they wanted to feel the ground! I didn’t know that though until I discovered ZEM. I loved the fact they were not split into 5 toes, since I have a long “index toe”. I tried deadlifting and squatting and oh boy, I fell in love with them! I call them my duck shoes! Said with love of course. I was beyond excited to feel how my cramping glute suddenly stopped being cranky! I felt like my power went up and I my stamina went up! This positive experience made me want to reach out to ZEM. I want to let everyone know! I mean, this is a big deal to me! Thank you ZEM!
Michelle Otero
I believe that the Mind, Body and Soul are the important dimensions that individuals must strive to keep healthy. As a mental health therapist, I encourage my clients, friends and family to try and work on having all three dimensions equally balanced.Fitness is not just looking good, its being healthy…it’s a way of life!
Bren Tompkins
I ordered my first pair of O2 and was hooked, so I ordered Terra & 360 shortly after. As of today I haven’t had anymore black toe nails or runners knee. My O2 have been over 250 miles, my 360s I have ran in approximately 376.34 miles as of (2/21/2013), my Terra which I wear daily, I’ve completed 3 half-marathons, 15k bridge run, and a 50k ultra marathon in so far.
My Zone of Endless Motion is when the pain melts away with the miles as the feel of the run is felt completely with every step. Not worried about distance or time you are lost in the moment of Endless Motion.
Ninja Hoops
For Ninja Hoops, our Zone of Endless Motion comes from continual challenge. We like to examine the limitations of our body and mind, and work to overcome those limits. As a result, we dabble in all kinds of movement arts, from juggling to social dance, from body weight exercise to partner acrobatics, always trying to find a discipline which will reveal to us a new opportunity for movement. In this way, we improve ourselves a little each day, never stymied by our challenges, but always finding new strategies to overcome them. For us, the discipline of movement is a collection life skills; perseverance in the face of defeat, exploration of new experiences, and focus on long term goals. With our philosophy as movers and artists, we feel constantly motivated to achieve our full potential, and never tire of overcoming our obstacles.
Charles Flannagan
My …love of sports and all things fitness has continued throughout my life. I received my certification as a personal trainer and love influencing and transforming others and helping them to reach their goals.In 2012 I ventured onto the IFBB Stage in the Mens Physique Division taking first place in a large impressive line up. I’ve been told I’m made for this sport as it’s said to strive for a model like physique. With that being said I’ll see where it takes me.On top of all this I am a proud father and coach of an aspiring next generation track Queen.