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Step into the ring with Alfonso Gomez

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)

Some sports, like running, volleyball, basketball or even football we’re used to watching. We understand the game, we play the game and witness thousands of students across America work tirelessly to get collegiate scholarships based on ‘the game’. But what about the ones that many would look at and say ‘why do you willingly want to step into a ring and fight?’


That’s right, we’re talking boxing! It’s a sport we most likely know more about from watching Hollywood movies than from knowing someone who is dedicated and committed to the sport. So let us introduce you to, Alfonso Gomez! But be prepared for feelings of inspiration and a sudden need to search for the nearest boxing gym near you.


The first and most important fact to keep in mind about Alfonso Gomez is that ‘easy’ doesn’t seem to be a word in his vocabulary, nor is it the path he chooses in any part of his life. Instead, he has the ‘never give up’ mindset that he takes everywhere, including inside the ring. He left Guadalaja Jalisco Mexico for Los Angeles, CA and has since been living in the Zone of Endless Motion.


gomez-boxing-web4Being a champion, literally picking the fights and making a name for himself in the tough world of boxing did not come without sacrifice and extreme discipline. When he took two years away from the ring, many thought he’d retired. And when he announced a ‘comeback’ his critics thought he’d have lost his skill level and that it just wouldn’t be the same for him; that he’d have ‘ring rust’. He certainly showed everyone what he’s made of when he chose to fight Ed Parades, ranked #3 in the world! In his own words ‘After months of hard training and an intelligent tactical fight, I came home with the victory.  Winning such a significant fight has opened many doors for me.  Doors that I will analyze and determine which one is better for my future.  As a family man, I have to be careful with my decisions inside and outside the ring because each move I make is impactful for my family.’


There is a possible November fight coming up for Alfonso, and ZEMgear will be right there with him, through his training, providing him with heightened awareness, improved posture, better balance and agility.


When it comes to Alfonso and his love for the sport, we could go on and on. He says that for his next fight ‘winning is the only option.’ Inspired yet? Let’s get moving! Find out more about the ZEMgear that keeps him light on his feet in the ring and follow him as he works towards the World Championship click here.