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Even Spiderman wears ZEMs

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)
August 8, 2014

If you have ever seen the lengths people go to at comic conventions then you know that comic con fans have serious passion for their favorite villains and heroes. Some show up with paraphernalia and others go to great lengths to transform themselves completely in homage to Marvel comic book. Just what are these great lengths you ask? It’s easy enough to buy a costume right?

Let us tell you about Luc Luzza. This man went out of his way and beyond to become Peter Parker, or as you might know him ‘Spiderman’!


Luc started attending fan expos like any other Spider Man fan, dressed like him and acting like him. But then Luc became a super hero, taking his passion for the Marvel Comic spider hero to another level! As he puts it, “After the first couple of conventions, I was left with a sort of void feeling, like I should be doing something else with these suits, that means more.
That’s when I decided to start using it for the kids.”

10299465_865339403480665_1926533376_nHe wanted to do more, however first, he had to deal with the issue of perfecting the suit! “Meet and greets are a great way to just make any child’s day the most memorable thing ever. I’ve had a kid cry and run over to me and hug me saying, “I am so happy you’re real, my brother told me you were fake”.
So, that inspired me to keep going and make more suits.”

So in hero-like fashion he went back to the drawing board a few times to perfect the ‘Ultimate suit’ so that his feet would stop aching whilst performing his regular ‘spidy’ duties such as climbing walls and jumping between buildings (or hopefully just lower platforms, we don’t want our Spider Man to get hurt after all). Luc used the 360 Round Toe and told us “This new suit should be finished soon as well, and I will also be wearing it to Conventions, Children’s Hospitals, and charity benefits here in California.

I’ll be using ZEMgear as my main choice of shoe to workout in AND use in all of my future Spider-Man suits. There’s just no beating them.”

We’re thrilled that ZEM can be part of something so very inspiring that bring joy to children. You make us proud Luc…oops, we mean Spider-Man!