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Christopher Blazosek – Competing to Excel

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)

If there’s one thing that we’re proud of at ZEMgear it’s the wide variety of athletes that love our shoes. We’re not gloating, but it’s a testament to how many sports ZEM’s are perfect for. The types of sports where the last thing you want to be zem3thinking about is the pain or discomfort of ill fitting foot attire.


Think about it, how often do you watch a sporting event and think ‘I wonder what the athlete’s choice footwear is that’s helping them excel in their field of sport?’ How about for bodybuilding in particular? Well, Christopher Blazosek is sharing some insight with us on this topic! He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as NGA and USBF Natural Bodybuilder. He told us ‘when I train, I need to be comfortable and ZEM has definitely helped me elevate my game.’ He continued to explain that the lightweight and flexibility of the Hero’s really helped improve his dead lift and in his words he ‘can’t picture’ himself performing that lift without a pair of ZEM’S on his feet!


Chris spoke about his motivations and inspired us, hopefully you as well, with these few words: ‘you are only as good as your last meet or workout. Come that next meet or workout, whatever happened before doesn’t matter. To me, there is no ceiling and there is always some aspect you can improve on. In the end, you are only competing against yourself and that is what is so addicting about it.’


WOW right? Let’s all get out there and continue to train while living in the ZONE OF ENDLESS MOTION!!

Kelly Schumacher’s Mad Skills!

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)


Why does Skee-lo’s song ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’ instantly play in my head when I read about Kelly and Aurora’s noteworthy accomplishments?


Well, first there’s Kelly Schumacher, she’s is 6’5”, and this writer is a mere 5’4”. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that height alone did not get her to where she is in athletics. The words that actually come to mind when learning of Kelly and Aurora’s accomplishments are, tenacity, commitment, determination and of course, let’s not forget ‘mad skills’!!


Kelly is a two time WNBA champion, NCAA champion, Spanish League Champion who’s recently switched gears and entered the world of pro beach volleyball.


Then there’s Aurora Davis, member of the 2014 USA Beach National Team and 2014′s AVP’s Rising Star.


Did you raise your eyebrows in awe like we did?


image (1)As with any athlete going pro, there is undoubtedly an incredible amount of effort, sweat, blisters and pain that go into the kind of training it takes to get to the point these ladies are at! There is a lot of trial and error with gear when you’re at any level sport let alone on the professional level. In fact, Kelly told us since playing on horribly blistered feet, and pain so bad it kept her up at night she has worn ZEM socks that prevent blisters and help her focus on the game rather than the pain that could possibly throw her off her game. Or worse, have her end up getting surgery on her toes again! She said β€œIt was a terrible experience that I do not want to re-live! So you can say I’m pretty strict about wearing socks now!’


It was quite wonderful to hear about what Kelly and Aurora are up to this Labor Day Weekend because they’ll be teaching skills to the youth at the Pros Beach Volleyball Clinic at Grand Sands in Loveland, Ohio following the AVP Cincinnati. The idea is to not only teach the youth, but to be able to ‘answer questions to kids and parents and help provide advice on what it takes to be collegiate and professional athletes.’


Being that ZEM is the choice footwear of beach volleyball players, we’re so glad to play a part in this clinic by being Kelly Schumacher’s choice apparel!


ZEMbassador Michelle

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We are excited to introduce you to our ZEMbassador Michelle Otero. Michelle is a true believer in a healthy balance between mind, body and soul. As a licensed mental health therapist and psychology professor, she encourages her clients, friends, and family to try and work on having all three dimensions equally balanced

She has a very diverse athletic background. Most recently, she has been actively involved in competitive figure, competitive dragon boating and paddle boarding. She is competing in the IFBB North American to win her Pro Card in figure. It takes true dedication and constant striving to achieve her athletic physique and abilities. ZEMgear’s main ethic is to encourage all of you to find your Zone of Endless Motion and we believe that this is what Michelle has been able to achieve. We hope she inspires you and enables you to feel empowered to achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Michelle travels and works out in her ZEMs and we’ll be following her throughout her various athletic endeavors.