Trans Seasonal

  • NINJA Toe
  • Insulated
  • Above-ankle
  • High-Abrasion
  • Toe & Heel Protection
  • KIDS sizes

Unisex Mens 5-13 Women's 6-10

HERO trans-seasonal

Looking for protection from the elements? During an adventure race?

The HERO will take you to the finish line! A perfect combination of high-performance ThermoPrene and a secure above-the-ankle pattern make the Hero ideal for many environments. Its soft thermal lining keeps toes cozy and dry.

An ergonomically molded, separated protective toe guard shields all toes in rough terrain and promote barefoot agility. The Hero’s tech-counter cradles the heel and guards against the impact of equipment and terrain in many training or race settings.

  • High Performance ThermoPrene: The insulating and high-abrasion ThermoPrene upper material is ideal for race and rugged training conditions.
  • Thermal Lining: A soft thermal lining adds an energizing performance-feel and insulates against water and colder temperatures
  • Award Winning Stability Tech Bands: High frequency welded tech bands cradle the foot and deliver secure lateral stability
  • Secure Heel Tab: The Hero’s heel pull tab makes it convenient to get into the shoe and serves as practical detail to clip ZEMs to a backpack.
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    Product image

  • Only 4.16 oz
  • Insulated
  • Gecko-Grip Traction
  • Slip-on with Laces
  • Great for Narrow Feet

Men's 5 - 13, Women's 6 - 10


The CINCH delivers the performance features of the 360 and incorporates both additional fit flexibility and weather expansion.

A thin technical lace-system allows the user to adjust the fit to the very individual feel desired.

The ThermoPrene upper fabric expands the usability into colder weather. A soft thermal lining adds an energizing comfort-feel while insulating against colder temperatures.

ZEM’s award winning tech bands feature the extended support design of the ZEM training collection. The 365 delivers the well demonstrated lateral stability necessary for high performance.

It’s phylon and Gecko-Grip recycled rubber outsole molds around each users foot and performs like a second skin conveying the highest level of sensory feedback and barefoot agility.


  • VersaTECH – Award Winning Stability Bands: High frequency welded tech bands create an outer-skeletal frame to firmly hold the foot and increase the adjustability of the Cinch to fit just as desired.
  • High Performance Thermoprene: The insulating and form fitting ThermoPrene upper material is comfortable for daily wear. While the high abrasion outer fabric makes this style ideal for rugged training.
  • Thermal Lining: The Soft thermal lining adds and energizing performance feel and insulates against colder temperatures.
  • Adjustable Zip Lace: An adjustable zip lace allows for the perfect amount of lateral tension across the foot. This thin technical non-slip lace helps adjusts and maintains natural movement.
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