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Jordan Trump

Marathon Runner and barefoot running enthusiast
I just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know how the 360s have been working out for me. I’m finally starting to “wear out” my first pair. They’re at about 288 miles and there is a small hole right between the three grip pads. I meant to get you some pictures, but haven’t done that yet. I’m not sure how many people you’ve had run in their ZEMs to the point that they wear out so I don’t know how useful that information is to ZEMgear, or if it could be used to make a better model next time around. I’m certainly not complaining about them, I love them, just trying to offer some help :)That said, I’m still running in them… since I train barefoot a little hole isn’t a big deal. We’ll see how long they last up with a small hole. For the price, I am satisfied to get 300 miles from them. I’ll probably order another pair or two soon, and maybe I can convince my girlfriend she needs a second pair. She LOVES them so far. Like me, she thought her foot felt a lot more free in the ZEMs vs. Vibrams, and they also keep her feet warmer, a huge plus since it’s getting below 20 degrees here.By the way, I ran in the snow in my 360s yesterday and it felt GREAT. Wasn’t cold except for the slushy parts on the road. Jordan

Michael Bilodeau

US Army
ZEMgear Testimonial I’m not sure if you remember but almost a year ago i had contacted you regarding ordering a pair of Zems while i was deployed. While i wasn’t able to get many emails out during the deployment i just wanted to share this quick picture and say thank you to you personally and to all of your staff for providing me shoes that made it through a deployment and my first triathlon this morning at the Las Vegas triathlon. I truly appreciate the product you have made and will continue to convert as many “minimalist” runners and x-fitters as i can. I hope this email finds you and everyone well, thank you.

Michael Sandler

Chief Coaching Officer – Run Bare/Barefoot Running Authors

It was really great to meet you and discover your GEM of a shoe. You’ll be happy to know it became my footwear of choice during the remainder of the conference/expo and I even wore them while traveling to Hawaii (Passed through TSA with flying colors!). They’ve been especially helpful in bringing down the swelling in my left foot. I’ll be testing them out on the beaches, hiking trails out here later this week and answering the questions of many curious onlookers.

Sinjin Smith

Professional Beach Volleyball Legend – Pacific Palisades, California
www.beachvolleyballcamps.com Click Here to see why Sinjin likes ZEM! Sinjin is regarded as one of the Greatest Players in Beach Volleyball History and noted for being the original “King of the Beach.” His accomplishments in the sport are unparalleled and his contributions to the development of beach volleyball have helped to put the sport on the map.Together with longtime partner, Randy Stoklos, Sinjin became the first player to reach 100 career open victories, and still remains atop the leader board to this day with 146 recorded victories. Sinjin claimed 11 International and World Championships in his 23-year career, more than any other player. In 1996, Sinjin and then partner, Carl Henkel, became the first American team to qualify for the debut of beach volleyball as a full medal sport at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Tom Vachet

Elite Performance Management, Inc. – Manhattan Beach, CA

www.performancemgmt.org Medical Advocate and Sports Conditioning Expert An article in the September, 2009 issue of Men’s Health Magazine credits him as the “trainer who resurrected Derek Fisher’s career”. In the headline, Tom is described as the “Muscle Whisperer”, a humorour reference to the poplular television program, The Dog Whisperer.- “ZEMgear (provides) the favorite footwear for training myself and my clients. Barefoot is Best!”- “I use Barefoot technology in training all of my clients. I’ve been doing so for the last 10 years. I was never able to find the right footwear until this past year when I was introduced to ZEMbOOties. Now I use them myself and recommend them to my clients. They are a great product for barefoot training: they are light-weight, they are comfortable, they provide stability and traction. There is nothing else in the market thats compares with ZEM.”

Paige Davis

AVP Pro-Tour Player – Hermosa Beach, CA
- “I am an AVP Beach Volleyball player on the AVP pro-tour for the last 3 and a half years. As a volleyball player I’ve really enjoyed ZEMbooties so far for working out in the sand, to protect my feet from hot sand and even when it’s chilly out here. I now play and train in ZEMbOOties for most of my conditioning training, indoor or on the beach.”

Laura Downing

Professional Yoga Instructor – DaKini Yoga

www.dakiniyoga.com - “I have been a yoga intructor for 7 years. Last year I had the good fortune of teaching classes at BeachFest in the Turks & Caicos. My students and I practiced outside near the turquoise Caribbean waters. Although the setting was georgeous, I encountered several elements that I normally don’t have to deal with such as hot sand and old, weathered wood. ZEMbOOties provided ideal traction to be able to practice yoga anywhere! I could use them with or without a yoga mat and know that my feet would be protected wherever I went. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. ZEMbOOties are fantastic!”

Cedric Kleiser

Club Med G.O. – Turks & Caicos
- “I took out ZEMbOOties yesterday for a windsurfing ride and I was very pleased with them. They worked well in the foot straps, got a bunch of extra grip out of them, they wont mess up my feet and they look cool!”

Albert (Al-B) Hannermann

17Yr Pro AVP Beach Volleyball Player – 2009 U.S. Open Beach Volleyball Champion – U.S. Olympic Festival Gold Medalist – Torrence, CA

www.alhannemann.com - “Being in the Turks & Caicos Islands in November for 2 weeks running my Beachfest event was interesting because ZEMbOoties were very poplular. We had over 500 people here and they were using them for various sports, beach sports, I was coaching and playing in them and it was very easy to use them. I walked around the resort and never had to take them off so it was nice to see the positive reaction of people from all over the world with the introduction of ZEMbOOties.”

David Knorr

Miami, Fl
- “The product quality is very good and the style is unique. I was wearing the ZEMs on the Key yesterday afternoon and they once again created a lot of interest. I was over at the Key cycling next to Stefano’s Liquor and then to Bristol’s Camera trying to hurry and was forced to have conversations three times with interested parties regarding the black and silver pair! There is a major appeal for the product indeed!”

Holly McPeak

Three-time U.S. Beach Volleyball Olympian

www.hollymcpeakusa.com - “I am not one to wear sand socks very often because they are hard to move in but these new ZEMgear sand socks (ZEMbOOties) with the split toe are the most comfortable (type of) sand socks that I have tried and they are easier to move in the sand!”

Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa

Son of the King of Kingdom of Bahrain
Sheikh Nasser Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa is a member of the Bahraini royal family and the commander of Bahrain’s Royal Guard, president of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and president of the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation.