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The Ultimate Arm Wrestling Woman!

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Fun fact (or not so fun), if you do a Google search on ‘arm wrestling’, it is definitely presented as the sport of ‘manly men’, of course you know we’re about to tell you otherwise!

Our ZEMbassador Brenda Taylor is a phenomenal woman who wasn’t out to prove anything when she started doing CrossFit. Then, one fateful CrossFit Christmas party, she got challenged to an arm wrestling duel and won. Unbeknownst to her, a fellow arm wrestler would see a picture of that evening’s events and would begin coaching Brenda. She was later scouted from there at the fabulous age of 40 to become a contracted athlete at The Ultimate Arm Wrestling League.

Brenda shared with us that one of the important aspects of arm wrestling is that “when you arm wrestle, you must use your whole body. I need to be balanced and grounded…ZEMgear does the job for me.” Her ZEM choice is the Round Toe 360′s which she told us she wears everywhere drawing attention & questions from onlookers!

“I have competed in multiple CrossFit competitions and Arm wrestling tournaments in California, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee…many, many in the State of Tennessee. I did them in my ZEMs! As matter of fact, my youngest son just competed in his first arm wrestling tournament. He went undefeated and did it in his ZEMs. I am proud to be a ZEMbassador.”

So, the moral of the story is you never know what direction life will take you in when you choose to live in the Zone of Endless Motion!

Good luck to Brenda and her son! We’re of course proud you’re both winners in ZEM’s.

Happiness is as Elusive as Unicorns?

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)
Today we’d like to talk about something that’s important to all our lives! If you have been seeking happiness and thinking to yourself ‘my goodness, happiness is as elusive as unicorns and four leaf clovers’ then we, at ZEM have a story to help you out. Believe it or not, we’re not going to claim that any type of shoe will lead to happiness (of course we won’t deny that they help on the physical path to happiness…but that’s another story). Sit back, take 2 minutes of your time and let this sink in because if you’re like us, you might be taken aback and need a moment to think about how you’ll apply it to your journey towards fulfillment and happiness.


From Baisden Live & shared by Tiffany Moore:


Once a group of 500 people were attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and decided to do a group activity. He started giving each person a balloon. Each person was then asked to write their name on it using a marker pen. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room.


The people were then let into that room and asked to find the balloon which had their name written on it within 5 minutes. Everyone was frantically searching for their name, colliding with each other, pushing around others and there was utter chaos.


At the end of 5 minutes no one could find their own balloon.
Then, the speaker asked each person to randomly collect a balloon and give it to the person whose name was written on it. Within minutes everyone had their own balloon.


The speaker then began, “This is happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is.

Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness; you will get your own happiness. And this is the purpose of human life…the pursuit of happiness.”


Sun, Sand, Water and a Killer Workout

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Sun, sand, water and a killer workout. Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding just got real with Paddle Stars! Stand up paddle boarding can be done for calm, leisure and by almost anyone that can stand up on a paddle board, which I’m repeatedly told is wide & that I wouldn’t fall off – that has yet to be determined. Then again, while you can be leisurely, why not take it to the next level and be a pro SUP athlete like Matt Arensman! Of course, we’re not suggesting it’s easy to go pro, but that going the next level at anything can lead to some amazing things.


3This summer we met Matt at the Daytona SUP Paddle Stars event. At this unique inaugural race, the grand prize was a cool $10,000, but it wasn’t going to be easy! To win the cash, competitors had to race three grueling races, a 1/2-mile sprint, a 4-mile technical (obstacle) course and a 7.5-mile open ocean race. Remember, this is all while standing up on a paddleboard…hence the name of course!


Matt is his team’s rider and manages a SUP store that ZEM is very proud to be sold in soon!


Waiting for summer all year is something we all do, but we really cannot wait for the next SUP Paddle Stars event 2015!

Christopher Blazosek – Competing to Excel

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)

If there’s one thing that we’re proud of at ZEMgear it’s the wide variety of athletes that love our shoes. We’re not gloating, but it’s a testament to how many sports ZEM’s are perfect for. The types of sports where the last thing you want to be zem3thinking about is the pain or discomfort of ill fitting foot attire.


Think about it, how often do you watch a sporting event and think ‘I wonder what the athlete’s choice footwear is that’s helping them excel in their field of sport?’ How about for bodybuilding in particular? Well, Christopher Blazosek is sharing some insight with us on this topic! He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as NGA and USBF Natural Bodybuilder. He told us ‘when I train, I need to be comfortable and ZEM has definitely helped me elevate my game.’ He continued to explain that the lightweight and flexibility of the Hero’s really helped improve his dead lift and in his words he ‘can’t picture’ himself performing that lift without a pair of ZEM’S on his feet!


Chris spoke about his motivations and inspired us, hopefully you as well, with these few words: ‘you are only as good as your last meet or workout. Come that next meet or workout, whatever happened before doesn’t matter. To me, there is no ceiling and there is always some aspect you can improve on. In the end, you are only competing against yourself and that is what is so addicting about it.’


WOW right? Let’s all get out there and continue to train while living in the ZONE OF ENDLESS MOTION!!

Tennis on The Beach? Yes Please!

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)


We’re all familiar with the sports volleyball and tennis. Both sports are excellent for cross training and for getting a good cardio session in with a friend or a group of friends. They’re both so inviting that recently while at the beach, we witnessed one man approach another and say ‘hey, we need another player if you want to join in a round of volleyball’. They then shook hands and proceeded to the nets; a great testament to the importance of team sports in sociability!

BeachTennis1So naturally, when we met up with a beach tennis team, it felt like the excitement was popping as though it’d been trapped in a ‘jack-in the box’. What could possibly be more fun than combining tennis and volleyball and the beach? Well, actually, you can play beach tennis on any surface, but since playing on sand in ZEM’s to protect these players’ feet has served them well, we’ll stick with our love for sports on sandy surfaces.


Beach tennis is easily becoming one of the more popular sports around and frankly, I can’t wait to try it! With ZEM’s, players maintain their agility on the sand, turf or anywhere else they may have put up a net! It’s a win win for everyone!

Step into the ring with Alfonso Gomez

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)

Some sports, like running, volleyball, basketball or even football we’re used to watching. We understand the game, we play the game and witness thousands of students across America work tirelessly to get collegiate scholarships based on ‘the game’. But what about the ones that many would look at and say ‘why do you willingly want to step into a ring and fight?’


That’s right, we’re talking boxing! It’s a sport we most likely know more about from watching Hollywood movies than from knowing someone who is dedicated and committed to the sport. So let us introduce you to, Alfonso Gomez! But be prepared for feelings of inspiration and a sudden need to search for the nearest boxing gym near you.


The first and most important fact to keep in mind about Alfonso Gomez is that ‘easy’ doesn’t seem to be a word in his vocabulary, nor is it the path he chooses in any part of his life. Instead, he has the ‘never give up’ mindset that he takes everywhere, including inside the ring. He left Guadalaja Jalisco Mexico for Los Angeles, CA and has since been living in the Zone of Endless Motion.


gomez-boxing-web4Being a champion, literally picking the fights and making a name for himself in the tough world of boxing did not come without sacrifice and extreme discipline. When he took two years away from the ring, many thought he’d retired. And when he announced a ‘comeback’ his critics thought he’d have lost his skill level and that it just wouldn’t be the same for him; that he’d have ‘ring rust’. He certainly showed everyone what he’s made of when he chose to fight Ed Parades, ranked #3 in the world! In his own words ‘After months of hard training and an intelligent tactical fight, I came home with the victory.  Winning such a significant fight has opened many doors for me.  Doors that I will analyze and determine which one is better for my future.  As a family man, I have to be careful with my decisions inside and outside the ring because each move I make is impactful for my family.’


There is a possible November fight coming up for Alfonso, and ZEMgear will be right there with him, through his training, providing him with heightened awareness, improved posture, better balance and agility.


When it comes to Alfonso and his love for the sport, we could go on and on. He says that for his next fight ‘winning is the only option.’ Inspired yet? Let’s get moving! Find out more about the ZEMgear that keeps him light on his feet in the ring and follow him as he works towards the World Championship click here.

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Kelly Schumacher’s Mad Skills!

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image (2)

Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)


Why does Skee-lo’s song ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’ instantly play in my head when I read about Kelly and Aurora’s noteworthy accomplishments?


Well, first there’s Kelly Schumacher, she’s is 6’5”, and this writer is a mere 5’4”. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that height alone did not get her to where she is in athletics. The words that actually come to mind when learning of Kelly and Aurora’s accomplishments are, tenacity, commitment, determination and of course, let’s not forget ‘mad skills’!!


Kelly is a two time WNBA champion, NCAA champion, Spanish League Champion who’s recently switched gears and entered the world of pro beach volleyball.


Then there’s Aurora Davis, member of the 2014 USA Beach National Team and 2014′s AVP’s Rising Star.


Did you raise your eyebrows in awe like we did?


image (1)As with any athlete going pro, there is undoubtedly an incredible amount of effort, sweat, blisters and pain that go into the kind of training it takes to get to the point these ladies are at! There is a lot of trial and error with gear when you’re at any level sport let alone on the professional level. In fact, Kelly told us since playing on horribly blistered feet, and pain so bad it kept her up at night she has worn ZEM socks that prevent blisters and help her focus on the game rather than the pain that could possibly throw her off her game. Or worse, have her end up getting surgery on her toes again! She said “It was a terrible experience that I do not want to re-live! So you can say I’m pretty strict about wearing socks now!’


It was quite wonderful to hear about what Kelly and Aurora are up to this Labor Day Weekend because they’ll be teaching skills to the youth at the Pros Beach Volleyball Clinic at Grand Sands in Loveland, Ohio following the AVP Cincinnati. The idea is to not only teach the youth, but to be able to ‘answer questions to kids and parents and help provide advice on what it takes to be collegiate and professional athletes.’


Being that ZEM is the choice footwear of beach volleyball players, we’re so glad to play a part in this clinic by being Kelly Schumacher’s choice apparel!


Even Spiderman wears ZEMs

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Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)
August 8, 2014

If you have ever seen the lengths people go to at comic conventions then you know that comic con fans have serious passion for their favorite villains and heroes. Some show up with paraphernalia and others go to great lengths to transform themselves completely in homage to Marvel comic book. Just what are these great lengths you ask? It’s easy enough to buy a costume right?

Let us tell you about Luc Luzza. This man went out of his way and beyond to become Peter Parker, or as you might know him ‘Spiderman’!


Luc started attending fan expos like any other Spider Man fan, dressed like him and acting like him. But then Luc became a super hero, taking his passion for the Marvel Comic spider hero to another level! As he puts it, “After the first couple of conventions, I was left with a sort of void feeling, like I should be doing something else with these suits, that means more.
That’s when I decided to start using it for the kids.”

10299465_865339403480665_1926533376_nHe wanted to do more, however first, he had to deal with the issue of perfecting the suit! “Meet and greets are a great way to just make any child’s day the most memorable thing ever. I’ve had a kid cry and run over to me and hug me saying, “I am so happy you’re real, my brother told me you were fake”.
So, that inspired me to keep going and make more suits.”

So in hero-like fashion he went back to the drawing board a few times to perfect the ‘Ultimate suit’ so that his feet would stop aching whilst performing his regular ‘spidy’ duties such as climbing walls and jumping between buildings (or hopefully just lower platforms, we don’t want our Spider Man to get hurt after all). Luc used the 360 Round Toe and told us “This new suit should be finished soon as well, and I will also be wearing it to Conventions, Children’s Hospitals, and charity benefits here in California.

I’ll be using ZEMgear as my main choice of shoe to workout in AND use in all of my future Spider-Man suits. There’s just no beating them.”

We’re thrilled that ZEM can be part of something so very inspiring that bring joy to children. You make us proud Luc…oops, we mean Spider-Man!

That’s 50 miles folks!


Via Mariam Demian (a ZEMspired writer, runner and producer)
August 1st, 2014


As runners rack up mileage and feel the benefits of increasing their endurance they tend to want to get everyone else on board. I cannot count the number of times I have attempted with only about 10% success rate to get friends to sign up for races with the promise of ‘you can do it! It’s only 5miles!’. Of course what follows are answers that span from ‘I hate running’ ‘I like my toe nails’ and the most famous one ‘I have no time’. Then you hear of someone like Bren Tompkins and realize how running is a personal journey that no one person can convince you to take up.


After over a decade of smoking, back injuries, knee injuries, and not to mention being a busy father of two, Bren managed to run the Cremator 50. That’s 50 miles (80.4672km’s). So not only did Bren finish the Cremator 50, but he did it in 7:22:12 which in super human fashion is 3 hours and 43 minutes faster than his time last year! He was 3rd place finisher and 4th overall. How incredible!


U-Cross MenuItem

It takes years to shave off minutes let alone hours for some runners! As if this all was not enough, there was no shade in the South Carolina heat and humidity. He did this all wearing the U-Cross and says ‘I love this shoe. It is the perfect balance. It’ a great shoe for me!’

We hope that Bren’s ‘ZEM life’ and his ability to conquer the Cremator 50 will inspire you to live a life in the Zone of Endless Motion.


Beach Tennis

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ZEMgear is sponsoring four Beach Tennis tournaments this summer. Beach Tennis is growing, it is fun and played everywhere.

ZEMgear footwear was initially developed for sand sport so it is natural that the Beach Tennis players have adopted wearing ZEMs and love it. We encourage YOU to also try on a pair of ZEMs for your activities on and off the sand.

ZEMgear was also featured in the Beach Tennis magazine where Christina Bracken, ZEMgear founder, was interviewed about the idea behind and the benefits of ZEMgear shoes.

To learn more about the Beach Tennis tournaments that we sponsored, see the links below.

Website for LI Tennis Magazine: www.longislandtennismagazine.com

Website for NY Tennis Magazine: www.newyorktennismagazine.com

magazine NYBT89_2 zem3_2