EZRI Reviews

Work backpacks sometimes come in monotonous designs and colors. It is always black and looks boring to the eye of the beholder. EZRI is a brand that innovates the transformation of old work backpacks into backpacks with elegant designs.

EZRI Reviews
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There is not much history of this brand that we can expose to you. However, the brand was founded on the concern of work bag models that need to be more modern, smaller, and comfortable to carry around.

The brand provides a collection of premium backpacks that suit business attire while introducing a young and modern look. They integrate a typical businessman’s practical needs into a backpack, making it as functional as possible.

The brand’s mission, they not only to design products but also to design lifestyle and business lifestyles. Thus, the company developed its backpack collection with a long-term goal: revitalizing traditional business attire in the professional world.

If you are curious about the brand’s popularity, you can check its official social media, which has 111 followers on Facebook and about 26k+ followers on Instagram.

Are you tired of your monotonous work backpack? Maybe you need to change your work backpack to a premium one. Curious, what does this brand have to offer you? Keep reading this EZRI review because we’re about to break it down for you!

Why Shop at EZRI?

You can find various types of backpacks that are suitable for working in the office or for your business trips. The designs are fashionable and exclusive with high-quality materials.

EZRI prioritizes making positive changes for young people who are students and newbies in the working field. Those who are still young and soon to become professionals in their skills.

The brand aims to increase confidence as young professionals work their way to success. With more than 25K followers on Instagram, these are the highlights of the brand collections:

  • A mission to create products according to business standards.
  • Understands what it takes to be successful and stylish at the same time.
  • Offer a modern and premium design backpack for young starters.
  • Adding more functionality and durability to the interior and exterior of the products.
  • 5-star customer reviews.

What's On EZRI

With a spacious interior design, you can store a lot of things in it. You will have more room for more.

Not only for your laptop and other electronic devices but there are also separate compartments to put your business attire or a change of clothes, wallet, passport, water bottle, keys, etc.

Six of the different business backpack collections on the brand include:

Want to know which products are the right ones for you? Learn more about the 2, specifically the brand-designed bags, in the review below. These will minimize your options and make it easier for you!

EZRI Executive Backpack Review

One of their best-selling business backpacks, the EZRI Executive will make your workplace appearance look like a real executive.

EZRI Executive Backpack Review
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ezri.com https://ezri.com

In a sense, if you want to look stylish and professional even though you are a young entrepreneur, then a backpack will support your overall appearance. Not only stylish, but it’s also elegant and luxurious, both for men and women.

This backpack is guaranteed to be weatherproof— water/rain resistant has lots of separate compartments, is spacious, and is equipped with a USB port for cell phone chargers, just to mention a few.

It is claimed to be durable, and your personal belongings or documents will be protected. For your business trip, this backpack will come in handy because it has a sleeve for the trolley for your luggage.

Order your EZRI Executive backpack today! The price is $395.00, not including shipping costs. The price is not a problem, because the reviews of people who use it are very positive. It’s also worth investing in, considering its usefulness and durability.

EZRI Premier Backpack Review

Similar to the EZRI Executive, the backpack has a similar interior appearance. The difference is from its exterior— it doesn’t have a zipper as a place for passports or business cards.

EZRI Premier Backpack Review
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ezri.com https://ezri.com

Hence, there is a slight difference between these two in the outer compartment and side pockets. The EZRI Premier has side pockets for water bottles. So, this is more suitable for young people who are beginners in the work field.

There are 2 colors, gray and blue, that are suitable for both men and women. However, in terms of price, the bag costs $499.00, more expensive than the Executive. Since it is lightweight, smooth, and also very convenient.

If you prefer a sleeker look and conservative colors, purchase your EZRI Premier business backpack online. The brand partners with Klarna if you want to take advantage of their payment options free of interest.

If interested, you can pay $124.75 every 2 weeks in 4x payments. Or, pay $83.17 per month for 6x payments. It’s easy, isn’t it? You can pay your Premier backpack in installments without having to pay the extra fees!

EZRI Backpack Facts

Like business attire, business backpacks are an important part of your appearance at work. However, you still have to choose a backpack that suits your needs, not just concerned with appearance.

Here are 4 facts about why EZRI backpacks are what you need:

  • Understand the function of the brand backpacks you will use— they must accommodate your needs while working.
  • Pay attention to the size and compartments— with the brand backpacks, you only need to bring one instead of carrying an extra bag to bring all the things you need!
  • Choose bags with durable materials— the brand’s backpacks can be used for a long time.
  • Avoid backpacks with exaggerated designs or logos— the brand backpacks don’t have exaggerated designs or a logo that will reduce the professional appearance or become a distraction at work.

EZRI Price

After reading through the brand’s profile and best-selling lineup, it’s time to put your favorites in the cart! But first, let’s look at the brand’s backpack price list below.

EZRI Pros and Cons

Meanwhile, this EZRI review isn’t complete if we haven’t discussed the pros and cons of the products above. So, here are the details about their strengths and weaknesses.


  • The perfect way to attract attention at work or during a business trip.
  • The backpacks are designed to be waterproof.
  • Able to pay installments with no interest rate.
  • Received 5 out of 5-star ratings from customers.
  • Easy and convenient packing with spacious storage.


  • They can be a bit pricey, with an average price of hundreds of dollars.
  • No discounts are available.
  • Shipping fees apply.

Is EZRI Worth It?

Of course, EZRI business backpacks are worth having. Even though they are quite pricey, you really need them at this point. Especially if you want a comfortable bag that fits lots of essential items for your professional work needs.

EZRI also emphasized that their backpack designs are not like ordinary backpacks in general. They are specially designed to be functional and versatile.

Moreover, no need to bother with professional bags in the form of briefcases that are not trendy anymore. With EZRI, you can carry things more easily and will balance your posture better.

EZRI Customer Reviews

This review would only be complete with customer feedback on the brand’s products. Knowing customer ratings will help you to think wisely before buying. Here are the customer reviews of the brand’s 2 best-selling products from the brand’s official website.

EZRI Customer Reviews
Image credit: ezri.com
ezri.com https://ezri.com

Occupying the first best-selling product, the Executive backpack received many positive customer reviews. One customer who gave a perfect rating said:

I really love this bag! I have a lot of laptop backpacks, but this is my go-to bag for carrying my laptop and tablet!

Another happy customer states:

Excellent bag! It is very durable & versatile. Also, it has an exquisite professional look.

Secondly, the Primer backpack also received an excellent rating. One customer satisfied with the product purchase said that this backpack has large storage. This customer said:

I love this backpack- it holds its shape even when it doesn’t have anything in it and has functional storage, and I also love the back zipper for easy access/packing!

One customer also wrote:

This backpack is incredible. It is so convenient for my work, travel, and business. Of course, I will recommend this bag to anyone!

If you visit the brand’s official website, you can see that most customer feedback favors the quality of the brand’s backpacks and ample storage. In addition, we also found customers who liked the brand’s delivery speed and excellent customer service.

EZRI Customer Service

The brand wants to stay connected with you through its community network. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the product, activating the warranty, or would like to initiate the return process, please fill out the form on the brand’s official website.

Where To Buy EZRI

The brand’s backpack collection products can give your body many advantages. If, after reading this review, a backpack catches your eye, you can visit the brand’s official website to shop.

We found some of the brand’s products are also sold on Amazon, but it is not its authorized retailer. So please be careful while shopping and ensure you get the brand’s original product on its official website. It comes with a warranty which makes you safe & satisfied in shopping.


The following are some frequently asked questions about EZRI that might help answer your curiosity.

Does EZRI ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any information regarding EZRI’s shipping area.

Who owns EZRI?

We can’t find any information about the owner as the brand doesn’t state its founder.


EZRI backpacks will definitely support your business attire anywhere you go. You’ll look professional instantly! Thus, you can bring all your business necessities, electronic devices, and your business clothes all-in-one place. Hopefully, this EZRI review will make you feel confident when entering a new world of business.

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