Ties2you Reviews

Ties2you is a trustworthy brand and the best stop in your search for fabulous men’s clothes. All the collections bring out the courage in every man and impress everyone in sight.

Ties2you Reviews
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Founded in 2008, the brand strives to create the finest quality in line with the fashion industry’s growth. Each piece is manufactured by dedicated employees to maintain its quality.

As of now, the warehouses are available in different places, such as the UK, US, BL, and AU. And hundreds of pieces have been sold successfully with happy customers.

Not to mention its social media, which has 13.3k+ followers on Facebook and 7.4k+ followers on Instagram. It shows that the brand has built a good branding profile.

If you want to add more apparel collections to your closet, it will be great if you keep on reading Ties2you review as your best shopping reference. Let’s do it!

Why Ties2you?

When you are shopping at Ties2you, there are a few things you should underline. Apart from guaranteed top quality, you can expect the best service that will put a smile on your face.

Ties2you Highlights

  • Free delivery on all orders
  • 14-day return and exchange 
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A wide range of amazing collections 
  • A lot of huge discounts and promotions 
  • Excellent customer support 

What's On Ties2you

Ready to pick out your best collection? Ties2you provides several men’s apparel collections in different sizes and gorgeous patterns.

From classic woven paisley and classic striped to modern plaid, the patterns are available in a wide range of dazzling colors.

Select your best suit now:

On the other hand, the brand offers some fascinating accessories to complete your dashing look at your special moment. It includes scarves, belts, ascots, rings, tie clips, cufflinks, lapel pins, and suspenders. 

New Grey Striped

If you’re on the hunt for a tie set to attend a meeting, look no further than the Men’s Tie Handkerchief Cufflinks Set. It looks more classy with the grey strip mixed with the soft pink color. 

Ties2you The Hanky Cufflinks Set Review
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ties2you.com https://ties2you.com

This necktie is made from premium fabric with a silky touch. It is wrinkle-free and super easy to care for, leaving you with peace of mind. Its bright color gives a charismatic impression to anyone who wears it. What a tie!

If you prefer to choose the other colors, go with grey yellow strip, light yellow blue, or royal blue stripe. Buy now at $30.00 and get Valentine’s day sale of up to 25% off to save even more.

What’s included in the box?

  • Necktie
  • Pocket square 
  • Cufflinks 

Ties2you Men's Vest Set Review

Luxury Black Blue Paisley Jacquard Silk

The second product to brighten up your charm is Luxury Black Blue Paisley Jacquard Silk Men’s Vest Set. This is your next level of a vest designed with a classic V-neck.

Ties2you Men's Vest Set Review
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ties2you.com https://ties2you.com

We love how the soft material gives a great texture and is so lightweight to wear. Plus, the vest is anti-wrinkle, and the color won’t fade. You can mix and match with a tuxedo, suit, shirt, or leather shoes to spice up your look. 

It costs $65.00. But if you want the bundle package for a great price, you can add Red Black Paisley Jacquard and New Black Golden Paisley Tie only for $120.00

What’s included in the box?

  • Vest 
  • Necktie 

Ties2you Size Chart

When it comes to choosing fashion items, the most crucial thing is to find the one that fits your body properly. Ties2yo provides multiple sizes ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL

Ties2you Size Chart
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ties2you.com https://ties2you.com

Especially since the vest is not the same size as the regular US size, you can look at the chart above to see the comparison of each size. If still unsure, feel free to contact customer service for help. 

Ties2you Price

At Ties2you, all products are available at reasonable prices that won’t hit the budget. Each product has a different price according to its design, material, and functionality. 

The lowest price goes to the accessories, valued at $20, while the highest is the men’s suit at $158.99.

If you’re lucky, the discount is automatically applied on the product page. Or you can use the discount code on the front page for extra savings.

Ties2you Pros & Cons

Next up, take a closer look at the positive and negative sides of the brand. It helps you compile a few points so you can make an exciting purchase.

Ties2you Pros 

  • It has a smooth texture 
  • Made with premium quality materials 
  • Available in a wide range of selections 
  • Easy to care for and handle wrinkles with ease
  • Pretty affordable 

Ties2you Cons 

  • As for now, we couldn’t find any negative comments from the brand 

Is Ties2you Legit?

There’s nothing to worry about with this brand. Ties2you is totally a reliable brand that only produces quality goods. All products are carefully crafted to meet current standards and use high-grade materials suitable for all men.

If you receive an item not as ordered or something goes wrong, you can return it in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Is Ties2you Worth To Buy?

With reasonable prices and guaranteed quality, we think Ties2you is indeed worth buying. Each product features amazing patterns and is full of color. Yup, many designs are available to set you free for the best collections.

What’s more, the product is simple to clean with extra special attention. It will definitely save you time and no fuss. For step-by-step instructions, please check the website for more details.

Ties2you Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To ensure we’re not talking nonsense about the quality, we’ve found some honest customer reviews to support our argument. Here are the voice from customers:

Starting with the first review. One happy buyer mentioned that the tie & vest set looks absolutely stunning. Just like she said:

What a beautiful tie/vest set! My husband wore it and received many compliments. It looks really gorgeous and chic. Love it!

Again, the tie truly has an amazing design with a lovely fabric that is comfortable to wear. He said: 

The tie has a wonderful design, it’s a very thick tie actually. With the knot I tied, it does make it super difficult and bulky, but other than that it’s a beautiful tie!

Another customer also expressed the same thing. The item has smooth and comfortable fabric used for any occasion. Just like one happy customer mentioned:

… It’s an excellent product. I loved the texture so much in the threading. The cufflinks used the same material as the tie, a nice touch …

You can rate the overall quality from the testimonials above. Most customers left positive comments about the brand‘s design and quality. Overall, this brand deserves to be on your bucket list. 

Ties2you Customer Service

If you think picking the perfect sets is too hard, ask customer service for help. The team also assists you with placing orders and general policy. Here are the easy methods you can use:

Your message will be answered as soon as possible during office hours. Be patient, okay? 

Ties2you Returns Policy

As customer satisfaction comes first, the brand provides a 14-day return policy from when the goods arrive at your doorstep.

If you wish to return the package, please contact customer service first to request a return label. The products must be unused and remain in the same condition as the package arrived. Also, it must be included in the original receipt.

For further detailed information, you can visit the Return Policy Page.

Where To Buy Ties2you

Ties2you is available only through the official website store. There you can get unparalleled shopping satisfaction that won’t disappoint you. 


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions commonly asked while looking for Ties2you reviews on search engines.

Where Does Ties2you Ship From?

As stated on the website, the brand ships Internationally with a delivery time of around 10-15 working days or more, depending on your location.

How To Track My Order?

You can track your order by entering your order number on this page


With so many styles available, all you have to do is to choose a size that fits you comfortably. It prefer to get a pattern that goes well with the rest of your outfit.

You can trust Ties2you to provide a variety of awesome selections of men’s fashion. It’s comfortable to use and brings your vibe even more handsome and center of attention. 

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