Sunshine Tienda Review

If this year’s summer you’re planning to travel to a tropical tourist destination, discover Sunshine Tienda as an all-in-one shop. You can search for sarongs, handmade jewelry, visor or trucker hats, cute beach dresses, and more to complement your tropical vacation look.

Sunshine Tienda Review
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It’s a one stop shopping experience in a sustainable fashion where most of their collections are handcrafted with style. The collections of this brand are created and inspired by the founders themselves, and also specially handcrafted by the hands of many artisans.

Their target customers are definitely young and older women who are free-spirited and adventurous.

Meanwhile, if you look at their social media accounts, especially Instagram or Facebook, they have more than 28K followers. With their mission, “Be Vacation Happy”, they’re making a positive impact.

They’re inspiring and revealing women about new destinations and their experiences with the help of famous fashionistas and social media influencers.

The popularity is also shows from the famous media that featured this brand, such as Woman’s Day, Realsimple, Today, Southern Living, and Oprah Daily. It’s definitely worth it.

So, start your online shopping now while taking a closer look at the Sunshine Tienda review. This specific review will cover the details on their hats, earrings, and bracelets collections and why they are worth buying.

Let’s dive in!

Why Sunshine Tienda?

Customer satisfaction is the top consideration of this brand; that’s why the designer provides you with high-quality material for each collection. The accessories collection is crafted by a Texas-based duo and handcrafted by female artists around the world.

Not only that, here, we highlight some points that you can use as a consideration before buying your favorite product.

Sunshine Tienda Highlights

  • Various unique collections
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Returns and refund
  • $5 flat rate shipping

What’s On Sunshine Tienda

Today’s Sunshine Tienda review highlights three of the most searched items that sold out quickly online. They are:

These three items sell fast online as they are indispensable in a woman’ appearance. Coupled with beautiful designs, simple, but exclusive, these three items come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that all ages would love.

Need more info on these products? Don’t wait another minute, here’s the following review products to make it easier for you.

Sunshine Tienda Hat Review

Hats are a must-have vacation accessory that is very comfortable to wear in the sun. The Sunshine Tienda hats are designed by twin sisters Laura and Amanda. They are made from palm leaves and are beautifully woven and handcrafted by female artisans from Guatemala.

Sunshine Tienda Hat Review
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Rush on today and get the offer now, the Rosita Palm Visor is a best seller! Permanent woven bands in various color combinations and unique designs are attached to the crown visor. There is also an adjustable back strap closure ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Apart from palm visor hats, this brand also provides crochet palm hats with permanently attached bands of various designs, as well as trucker hats. All hats are specifically woven directly by Guatemalan artisans. FYI, each hat has names that refer to the talented artist who created it.

The collection of hats is definitely eco-friendly with a trade partnership system. So, with all your purchases, the orders will be automatically sent to their talented partners. The goal is to be able to provide a living for the families in Guatemala.

Sunshine Tienda Earrings Review

Sunshine Tienda vacation earrings are a must-have! Why not? Wait until you see their collections. Most items are sold out at high speed online! With so many designs, shapes and colorful earrings to choose from, will guarantee to suit your preference.

Sunshine Tienda Earrings Review
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Hence, Sunshine Tienda’s handmade earrings do have its own impression. Many women love them because they are unique, different, and seem to have a personal bond with the wearer. Ranging from small to large sizes, full of detail but not too excessive, everything is handmade. Even though they are big, they are lightweight.

Moreover, they are made from earthy materials and are inspired by travel stories. They can make your face appear smaller, thinner, and can even make you look more glowing. So, find your vacation earrings today, the ones that are suitable for your fashion style. Or, the ones that match the holiday destination you are going to.

Sunshine Tienda Bracelets Review

Sunshine Tienda vacation bracelets are made from the lightweight buffalo horn with a coloring process to produce an elegant work of art. However, no animals are harmed in the process. These bracelets are classic and they will never be outdated.

Sunshine Tienda Bracelets Review
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Sunshine Tienda’s bracelets are made of 100% sustainable materials with a full handcrafted production process. They mostly come in sets of 5-7 with various sizes from petit, standard to XL. Information about the sizes are clearly stated on their webpage, including the size of the diameter and circumference of the hand.

So, order your vacation bracelets now. There are lots of new designs in pastel colors, in tile shapes and more that add shine to your hands. Because of their lightweight characteristics, they are very comfortable to wear all day and definitely are stylish!

Sunshine Tienda Pricing

Basically, pricing varies depending on the product you choose. The following is a list of the Sunshine Tienda collection, along with its price.

You can check your budget before buying your fave on Sunshine Tienda at the price we show you above.


Sunshine Tienda Pros & Cons

It’s normal for us as customers to want to know what are the pros and cons of the product we are going to buy. So, here’s a list of Sunshine Tienda’s pros and cons in different aspects:

Sunshine Tienda Pros

  • Very much in line with their vision and mission—“Be Vacation Happy”.
  • The products are sustainable and are made from natural materials.
  • Their products are lightweight, versatile, and available in all sizes.
  • Have fair and safe working situations with their independent artisans and partners in Guatemala.

Sunshine Tienda Cons

  • They only have a studio in Texas, but don’t have a permanent store. So, you’ll need to shop online if you’re out of town.
  • Has many competitors with similar businesses.

Is Sunshine Tienda Worth It?

Yes, Sunshine Tienda products are worth buying! They are mostly a must-have item for your vacation-based accessories. Their hats, earrings and bracelets will match your outfits in different levels.

Is Sunshine Tienda Worth It?
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What’s more, is that their collections are meant for younger and older women. Their goal is to create a style of fashion to accommodate women on their vacation. In fact, they have a wide-range of creations that you’ll love!

Sunshine Tienda Customer Service

It’s relatively easy to get in touch with the customer service team. All you have to do is reach them through one of these ways:

  • Live chat: Find it on the bottom right of its official store
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Sunshine Tienda
  • Instagram: @sunshinetiendashop

Take it easy; the team will respond to all your inquiries as quickly as possible. Thus, let them help solve all of your problems whether about delivery, products, and many more.

Where To Buy Sunshine Tienda

Basically, the safest place to buy all of the Sunshine Tienda collections is in its official store since you will get the original product along with exclusive deals to save your money.

The brand also offers a rewarding event that allows you to get the following:

  • Free shipping
  • The reward for referring friends
  • Exclusive deals
  • Birthday surprises
  • 1 Sunshine point for every dollar spent

Not only that, but you can also join the Wholesale program as you can get a great exclusive discount and other offers for stockists.

Or, you can find them on the marketplace, such as Nordstrom, but you have to make sure that you get the authentic one.

Sunshine Tienda Promos & Discount Codes

As budget-conscious people, we all know that promos will make us happy. Fortunately, the brand currently has many ways to save some bucks. You can use a coupon code that works, and we’ll tell you about it.

  • Sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Birthday surprises
  • Rewards for referring friends
  • 1 Sunshine point for every dollar spent

There are lots of promos that we haven’t listed. So you can check it on their official website and then shop with savings!


Where can you find quality handmade accessories for your vacation needs, such as earrings, bracelets, and hats? Sunshine Tienda is the place, a place that can emphasize the impression you want to highlight from your appearance.

We hope this Sunshine Tienda review is helpful for you. Once satisfied with the accessories of your choice, add them to your shopping cart. Besides having products on sale, they offer shipping for a flat rate of $5. Happy vacation!

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